Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Word of Mouth Marketing

Last night at SCOPE's meeting the directors handed out a clever bit of marketing. It was a piece of bright yellow fabric that had the name of our upcoming concert and the date. It was written in black Sharpie "Girl Talk & Wale, May 4th, Get your tickets at the IMU"

Now previously we have made shirts announcing our line-up. This is nothing new, nothing eye-catching, and it doesn't spark any interest. After all, everyone wears T-shirs, but the directors hit gold with this new idea. Everyone in SCOPE is sporting this yellow sign safety-pinned to their backpacks. Imagine 50 students wandering all over campus for two weeks attached with these bright yellow signs. Seems to me some people will begin to wander what this is, pay attention, and then talk about it.

Other students will promote this show, whether or not they want to go, because SCOPE is creatint a spectacle. Its weird, its different, and worthy of starting a conversation about.

"Hey did you see those people with the yellow signs on their bags?"
"Yeah, what was that?"
"They had the Girl Talk & Wale concert written on them."

I can see it now, spreading like a wildfire throughout a college campus thirsty for something new to talk about.

Congrats on this one SCOPE.

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