Friday, May 7, 2010

Clever Kotex

Clever Kotex

Yesterday my roommate and I were watching TV and we saw this epic commercial by Kotex. We looked at a few other commercials in this campaign ... genius. I mean really, tampon commercials have always been ridiculous and awkward to watch when they come blaring over your TV and your in a room with men ( or your father if your lucky).

This campaign works because it shocks us, it is not what were used to. It is truthful. It makes fun of commercials who try to glorify something that all of us women hate. No one is that happy or optimistic about tampons (or what comes along with it). Kotex is the first (in my memory) to use this appeal for tampons. While they may not be the first one to have invented them or put cool colors on the box, they have re-positioned themselves in a new category they created.
So go ahead and delight in a few ingeniously funny commercials.


This shows you how music can enrich every part of our lives. With the help of YouTube, we can all be famous and make things for the world to enjoy. So enjoy this piece of artwork.