Tuesday, April 20, 2010

AMA at the University of Iowa

Why didn't AMA work with designers for this advertisement? This ad is not appealing, its obnoxious. It hurts my eyes, its underlined everywhere, and the pictures are blatant cut-outs. Why didn't the AMA work outside its comfort zone with a design student?

AMA at University of Iowa ... not the best thing.
The adviser is probably the most caring professor at the University of Iowa.
The students are all Marketing majors.


They do not understand that learning to work with other majors is important. Marketers, designers, PR, Journalists; we all have to work together to find the best solution for our campaigns. We cannot assume that we are the best at everything, we are not. We must understand that sometimes looking for a professional in another industry is needed. TEAMWORK! If we haven't learned anything a the University of Iowa, we have learned that working with a team is detrimental to our future. Every class involves teamwork; why aren't we utilizing this skill and working with teams that are the best in the industry?

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