Friday, April 16, 2010

Songs that create buzz

We live in a radio dominated world. A radio that plays what the record labels shove down our throats. Forget if the musicians can sing (ehhhmmmm Ke$sha), or if the band is talented (ehhm Nickleback , same chords over and over on every song on each album), all that matters is that the song will make money for the record label.

Do people enjoy being exposed every day to bad music?
Do people like what record labels are shoving down their throats?

I think not.

Companies understand this phenomena. Instead of using uber popular music in their commercials, which they could afford, they spend time searching out talented music to feature.

Why? Whats the benefit?

By highlighting an under-the-radar artist, viewers have to do a little searching to find out who was singing on the commercial. The mystery, the search, and the discovery help fuse a connection between consumer and company.

My generation (Y) doesn't respond to traditional mass marketing like previous generations. We like to become a part of the product and feel like a part of the brand. Established companies can't go back underground and start over using Word of Mouth marketing, what they can do is take an aspect of their advertising, leave a little mystery, and let consumers do what they do best; promote it.

Back to the music side of things :

Hello record labels, WAKE UP. People hear less tha 30 seconds of a song and are so in love with it that they go search it out so they can buy the song. I think people are starved for good music.

Here are companies who are doing it right:

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