Monday, April 26, 2010

Are we really friends with our friends?

Kin is doing an amazing social media campaign. Congrats to them for finding a way to market their product without me even knowing it.

Yesterday I was checking some of my favorite blogs, elbo and hypem to name a few, and a banner ad spoke to me:

"Are we really friends with our friends? We found Rosa.. armed her with a Kin, and sent her on a journey to visit her social network ... in person."

Kin posed a question that I often ask myself, then offered me an answer. I can watch Rosa, a Gen Y-er just like me,  visit her Facebook friends that she's never met to find and see what happens.

This is personal, it is real, it address thoughts we all have:

"Do I wave at him? I'm friends with him on facebook but I don't really know him..."
"She texted me that she wasn't going out but she has pictures at the bars last night..."
"We've been dating for a while but now he's 'in a relationship' with some other girl..."

Kin's campaign is aimed right at our generation and they have found a perfect way for us create a relationship with them. We are a part of this brand.

"Our Story"
"We made Kin for you.
We saw how you talk, text, tweet and post in real life
Then we made Kin to communicate as naturally as you do.
So Kin is everything you love, everything you want, all together, in one place"

And then they created a campaign true to their brand.

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