Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh Hey Sprint!

What appeal does 'Flava Flave' (guy with the clock around his neck) have to your customers? Usually when companies use celebrities as spokespeople, they hope to leave the consumer feeling good about the brand (affect transfer). They at least hope to show consumers favorable social instances that occur when they use the product associated with a celebrity.

Here is a REAL reaction from a viewer, me:
~Flava Flav leaves a bad taste in my mouth
~His show, Flavor of Love: Trashy, Foul, Obnoxious

Good spokesperson Sprint!
You have successfully left me feeling that your brand is trashy, foul, and obnoxious. Well, not directly, but that is what I think when I see Flava Flav, which happens to be every time I see your commercials.

Sprint's YouTube account doesn't allow me to embedd the video so here is the link for the clear version of the commercial.
If its convience your after, view the bad version below

p.s. I'm not saying I hate Flava Flav, or didn't indluge in trash TV by watching a few episodes of Flavor of Love. I did watch it, which is why I'm confused about Sprint's choice. Is Flava Flav consistent with Sprint's message? For that matter, is he representative of Sprint's customers? I don't know, I don't work for Sprint, but their commercial's theme is the "Now Network", Flava Flav is NOT now.

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